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     Bonjour! Je m’appelle LaMesha. Je parle’ francais un peu. And no, I’m not really French, but I am a definite Francophile and love all things French (hence the name of this blog). Fakefrenchgirl.com is my creative outlet and will allow me to talk about and critique beauty, motherhood, music, style and travel, plus as I read “how to be French” books, I’ll review those too, plus feminism. Because I identify as a feminist and that is the lens I’m usually looking through.


I am mama, friend, military wife, breastfeeding advocate, world traveler, kidney patient and Beyoncé fanatic.


You can speak to me in English, French or Italian… I’ll figure it out.


I’m pretty much everywhere all the time. I’d love to chat it up with you, read your blog, be your bestie, or just hear your opinion of mom jeans. If you have an idea, a song, a piece of clothing, or a book you’d like me to review, please feel free to get in touch with me. I would seriously love that.

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Please keep in mind that I currently live in Sicily and snail mail can be extra slow. Here’s how to best contact me:

My Email: fakefrenchgirl@yahoo.com

Twitter: @fakefrenchgirl

Instagram: fakefrenchgirl

Pinterest: Fakefrenchgirl

Tumblr: http://cocoa-puss-universe.tumblr.com/

Snapchat: fakefrenchgirl

Or you can comment on my blog and I’ll reply pretty quickly.



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