2017 Goals… How Am I Doing?


Bonjour! It’s October already. At the beginning of the year I made a few goals for the year. Here’s how I’m doing with them:

1. Attend at least one Afro-European conference. I really wanted to go to this or this. Sadly, I haven’t gone to any. It just wasn’t my year.

2. Secure a federal job. DONE.

3. 500 instagram followers. As of today 10/13/2017 I have 463 followers. I just might make it to 500 by Dec 31st.

4. Personal blog giveaway. Haven’t done this yet. I’m not quite sure how I feel about blog giveaways anymore. Curious to hear your thoughts.

5. Travel to Venice (DONE), Berlin (DONE), Paris (BOOKED for Jan 2018), Barcelona (BOOKED for Nov 2017), Switzerland (NOPE). There are 5 of us. Traveling is expensive. I really would like to go more places before we leave Sicily, but I’m happy with the amount of travel we’ve done.

6. Present field experience for Master’s degree. DONE. Pass CPH exam. DONE. Finish Master’s degree. DONE. My diploma came in the mail 3 days ago.

7. Write more letters to friends. DONE. Hang out with more people. Kinda DONE.

8. Lose 30 lbs. Perfect headstand. Do bridge post. Run one mile without stopping. Learn how to do hip rolls. None of this shit I’ve done. I don’t even really make an effort anymore. I’m exhausted. Oh well. Still cute.

9. Blogging more consistently. Nope.

10. Saving $500. I can totally do this by Dec 31.

Final Thoughts: I’m really hard on myself and never think I’m doing anything worthwhile or making progress. Seeing this list of all of the things I’ve done so far in 2017 makes me feel really proud of myself. I highly encourage you to write your goals down in your planner and work on them as best you can. What have you been working on? What else can you finish before 2018?


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