A Quick Bonjour and a Giveaway

Bonjour! I am trying so hard to keep the blog momentum going while working a full time job (I started today), working on a graduate certificate in project management, mothering three kids, studying for a big public health test, having time to myself, volunteering for the Red Cross and trying to be cute. It is seriously so much. I love every single second of it, but it’s HARD and involves lots of coffee and a great planner to keep myself organized. I’m the person that loses their keys every day or talks on the phone while wondering where her cell phone is. You know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, I’ve teamed up with a bunch of other cute and interesting bloggers for a HUGE PLANNER GIVEAWAY. Because we all need to be organized and have nice things. Below are all the ways you can enter. Following me on Instagram counts as one entry. Feel free to enter as many ways as you like. -LaMesha


Enter our HUGE planner giveaway for a chance to win a planner box filled with goodies!

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