7 Self Care Ideas for Sad Times

Bonjour! Where do I even begin? My brain is having a hard time forming complete thoughts right now. All I feel is fear and sadness. My friends are feeling it too. American politics have me absolutely shook. (And yes, I’m American. I just like French stuff). Also I’m a military spouse and live on a Navy base overseas which provides a whole new set of anxiety-inducing things to process. Lots of changes. I’m in my feels guys. Hug me through the internet. So below are  seven things that are helping me get through this tough time. Maybe they’ll help you too.

#1 MUSIC. It’s constantly on in our house, in the car when I’m driving, when I’m working out, etc. It has the power to completely change your mood for the better, depending on what you listen to. Don’t know what to listen to? Go Here. Or look below for my newest jams.

#2 #trapyoga Seriously… look that shit up on instagram and twitter. What is it? Doing yoga while listening to trap music. If trap music and gangsta rap isn’t your jam feel free to get into pigeon pose (my personal fave) to something that you like. Or look up #donthatetheshake which is also pretty badass. After yoga, I always feel more focused and ready to start some shit. Also this episode of the Black Girl in Om podcast explains trap yoga a little bit better.

#3 Western Medicine. Yes the pharmaceutical/insurance/health industry is extremely problematic. I totally get that. But if you are seriously struggling to keep yourself healthy and/or safe then I’d consider getting on medication and/or seeing a doctor if you have access and can afford it. And if you already have a prescription, you need to take it everyday and follow up with your provider if it’s not helping or making things worse.

#4 Reading/Bookstores/The Library Books are a very good and safe way to escape from the harsh realities of life. There are millions of good books out there waiting for you to read them. Bookstores are a good place to hangout when you need to be out of your house but don’t really know where to go and they are excellent for people watching. The public library gives you access to not only books, but also music, magazines, movies, and sometimes even book clubs. The library is my favorite. I love it so much I’m about to start working there.

#5. SLEEP. I have three kids. I am definitely not getting enough sleep. I think most adults aren’t either. There are so many things to do, problems in the world, causes to get involved with, that sometimes I stay awake way too long worrying about them. My body feels it and my productivity suffers. Even a short little nap can change your day for the better. I try to nap daily.


#6 Facebook Groups. The best part of facebook is the groups. If you find the right one, with people who like the same things as you, it can be life-changing. You’ll meet new friends, hear new perspectives and vent about what’s bugging you. There is a facebook group for everything, but a lot of the good ones are “secret” so you’ll never know about them. If you can’t find one you like, feel free to ask your friends (or me) for suggestions.

#7 Planning a Trip/Reading Travel Blogs/Watching Travel Videos  podcastFind a travel magazine, book, blog, or youtube video on a place you’ve always wanted to go to and really research how much it would cost to visit there and fun things to do/see/eat. Plan little trips in your head or even start saving to take them now. My favorites are Backpack with Brock (his snapchat is amazing), Adventures Around Asia (she’s also on snapchat), and Oneika the Traveler.

And there you  have it. Making time for self care and making it a priority in your life can be a challenge, but it’s very important. Even a few minutes everyday can be very beneficial. If you can only dance to one song, or do two stretches, that’s perfectly ok. Please take care of yourself. I love you.


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