Bonjour! My little blogging hiatus is over and I’m excited to be back to blogging regularly again. Here’s a little update as to what I’ve been up to:

Watching: Youtube videos on minimalism and living a minimalist lifestyle. I’ve been slowly getting rid of the clothes I do not wear anymore and the things our family no longer uses. I thought about getting rid of a lot of my makeup but decided against it and am just trying to use up more of the things I have and not buy anything else. My fave channels: Melissa Alexandria, Light by Coco,  and Samantha Lindsey.

Listening to: Lots of jazz on Spotify. It keeps me calm and makes me feel more sophisticated than I actually am.

Thinking about: France and its relationship with Haiti (once I research more, I’m sure I’ll have many things to say), how black people are treated in France, and many other things involving France, racism and current events.

Feeling: Lonely. I don’t want to be friends with other women just because our husbands have the same job (sailors) but that’s pretty much all I have going on here. These women friend request me on facebook and I accept, then see how different our politics are and I want to pull away, but my community is small and it’d be extremely obvious. I’m just not sure what I want to do or how I want to move forward.


Not Feeling: My baby kick. I’m now 18 weeks pregnant and still no major movements. I’m also annoyed that everyone keeps asking me “what” I’m having. The contents of my uterus aren’t really anyone’s business and when adults confuse gender with sex I feel stabby.

Excited About: Finishing my certificate program in Social Media Management, starting my new job in higher education tomorrow, and picking out baby clothes.

Hope you are all safe, warm and well. I look forward to talking with you more very soon.

Au Revoir




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