a quick bonjour: life updates, blogging goals, new directions


I haven’t really been too focused on blogging in the past week or so and I’d just like to give yoa quick update and let you know what’s been happening with me. I’d also like to get in writing what I’d like the future of this blog to look like.

Depression/Anxiety: Imagine leaving behind your friends, family, career, car, country and everything you’ve ever know and moving across the world. The language, the timezones, the inability to work unless it’s on a military base, having a husband that works 12 hours a day nearly every day and being responsible for 2 small children. This is my life now, and it isn’t easy.


Career: I’ve been thinking a lot about how to stay sharp in my field of public health without actually working in public health. They have an American Red Cross here, but there are only 2 paid positions (both filled already) and encourage people to volunteer. So I’d have to pay someone to watch my kids so I can work for free. Not happening. My other choice is to compete with other spouses for jobs paying $8 an hour. I never thought I’d be applying for jobs at the bowling alley with a Masters Degree.

Health: I’m also 6 weeks pregnant now. This pregnancy was planned and our family is extremely excited to welcome a third child into our home next April.


Blogging/Twitter: I really enjoy makeup and skin care but I’m not necessarily sure I want to blog about it all the time. I feel like I’ve gotten away from what I originally wanted to write about because I got sucked into monetizing, advertising and gaining followers. I’ve noticed that when I post political/feminist/racial things on my twitter that I lose followers but then I remember that my blog post with the most comments has to do with body image. I want to write for myself first, and for comments and retweets second or third. It’s very easy for blogging to become a chore when you are writing what you think people want to hear.

sit with us

And that leaves us with my blogging goals:

  1. More books reviews.
  2. More insight into Afro-European music, writings and experiences
  3. More writings on feminist mothering
  4. More writings on makeup as self care
  5. Higher quality pictures and content
  6. More frequent blog posts
  7. Creating partnerships with other like minded bloggers in terms of guest posts, sponsorships and giveaways

Hope you have been well. Looking forward to writing more for you very soon.




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