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I feel slightly settled now here in Sicily and now it’s time to catch up on all the reading, blog posts, podcasts, skillshare classes and writing I’ve been meaning to get to. Here’s a little of what’s been keeping my brain busy.
Lies, Damned Lies and Sex Worker Statistics. Sex work is one of the issues that feminists and politicians will probably argue about until the end of time. Who is usually left out of the dialogue? The actual sex workers. (image)

sex work

Sex and the Sahara: Striking photographs of the mysterious Islamic tribe where women embrace sexual freedoms, dictate who gets what in divorce and don’t wear the veil because men ‘want to see their beautiful faces’ Trust me, you want to see these pictures.

Eerie Short Film Combines Animation & Live Action To Delve Into The Psyche Of A 9-Year-Old Ugandan Girl. This might fuck you up. I just watched it and now I’m like all emo and shit. So yeah, trigger warning on this one for mental health (like maybe if you are depressed or sad, don’t watch it).

Holy hell. Look at these pictures. That melanin though… FEATURE: ‘Talking Bodies’, The Stunning Photo Series From Fashionable Demand


Life’s Too Short To Be Chill: 9 Reasons It’s Okay To Be A Crazy Girl. What girl/woman hasn’t been called crazy at least once in their life? Also moody, psycho, insane and emotional…

In Place of Love Locks, a Paris Bridge Gets Street Art. Slightly old news now but I’m wondering if the guys selling locks to tourists have a new side hustle now.

I live in Italy now and so much is happening here. I’m sure you’ve heard about the overcrowded and unsafe boats full of refugees fleeing their homeland arriving on Italian shores and the rest of Europe arguing about who will help them. I see and interact with African refugees in the market every time I go to Catania. I feel confused because I’m not sure why I am an expat and they are a refugee. Neither of us is Italian but people treat us so differently.

New-ish music video from Inna Modja

Ok the links this time are HEAVY and DEEP. But the world doesn’t slow down in the summer time. And I finally feel like I am talking about the things I want to talk about. Be well.

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