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I have always struggled with polishing my nails. Either my left hand’s nails don’t look as good as my right’s, I’ve touched them before they were dry, I accidentally got polish on my skin, or they got smudged because one of my kids needed me before they were dry. My nails may never look like a “beauty blogger’s” nails. And I’m ok with that. These nails that I have (and this 1 Euro nail polish from H&M) are good enough.

As I type this, about half of my finger nails have chipped polish and I am in desperate need of a manicure. There are kids to snuggle, dinner to cook, friends to talk and a house to organize. Yesterday, I drank wine, ate gelato and went to an olive oil factory. I did not die in the process because my nail polish was chipped. This girl said to me “I really like your nail polish, it’s so pretty”.

Striving for perfection and failing repeatedly (because who really is perfect anyway?) causes nothing but stress and anxiety. Good enough can still be good. If you have a hard time remembering this, polish your nails while living a full life.

Au Revoir



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