Monday musique: inna modja

Bonjour and Happy Monday! I’m going to start highlighting French musicians and musicans who sing primarily in French on my blog on Mondays now. So far, I’ve featured many different types of musicans, including Stromae who sings in French, but is actually Belgian and Rwandan. The rest of the artists I’ve written about have all been American or European and sing in English and I felt like it was time to dig deeper I see these posts as a way for me to seek out music I haven’t heard before and then to share it with you, so we can both expand our playlists. Hope you’re excited.

Today’s French musican in Inna Modja who was born in Bamako, Mali and currently lives in Paris.


Inna’s Official Website

Inna’s Twitter

Inna’s Instagram

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Isn’t she great? So talented and beautiful right? And that hair! Would love to know what you’re currently listening to…


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