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Bonjour! So the movers came and took most of my makeup and nail polish (plus our beds and dishes) and now we are REALLY CLOSE to actually moving to Sicily now. It sounds weird to say that, but being married to someone in the military is super weird, and also super lonely.

Today’s post is inspired by a giveaway I entered via Dave Lackie. If you aren’t following him on twitter, you seriously should because he’s always doing giveaways and is super nice. But anyway, for this particular giveaway you had to leave a blog comment telling him your summer plans, and after typing out my answers I was like “holy hell, my life is awesome sometimes”.

So here’s our family’s plans…

1. Malta: Short ferry ride from Sicily.



2. Sardinia: Short ferry ride from Sicily



3. Palermo: Train ride from our town/home base



4. Amalfi Coast (of Italy): not sure how we’ll get there yet



Pretty exciting right? And so many interesting things to blog about! And even if we don’t go to all of these places, or we go to entirely different places, or we stay home and eat pizza all day it’ll still be awesome because we’ll all be in the same country. By the time the kids and I get to Sicily, we’ll have been away from papa for nearly FOUR MONTHS. We are long overdue for extensive family time.

What are your summer plans? Are you going far away or staying nearby?


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  1. Oh wow what a beautiful part of the world you are moving to, I hope you’re going to take lots of pictures to give us something to dream of whilst we’re stuck at our desks in the UK! My cousin in law’s husband is in the military and they have just had to pack up and move away to the highlands of Scotland – she has found a lovely community there of military wives and partners though so I hope you manage to find some friends out in Sicily too! x
    Laura | Loved By Laura

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