monday musique: MØ

Bonjour! Today’s Monday Musique artist is Danish singer and songwriter MØ. I was watching Amy Lee’s favorites video on youtube and she mentioned her music and I haven’t been able to get her out of my head since. There’s just a million different reasons why I am obsessed now. MØ wears her ponytails very high, keeps her makeup minimal and her dancing is everything I strive to be like in real life. Imagine the way you dance in your room when you aren’t trying to be sexy or cool, when you’re just being yourself and feeling free… that’s how MØ is all the damn time. It’s so damn refreshing. I think you’ll enjoy her.


MØ’s website

MØ’s youtube

MØ’s twitter

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Ok, so hopefully this blog is now back on schedule. Have a great week guys. Au Revoir!!


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