10 things I wish I had done sooner in life

Bonjour! Sometimes I stand on the metaphorical sidewalk afraid to put my foot out there and cross the street into the big scary world. Once I take my first couple of steps, I usually realize that whatever it is I was scared to try or do is super awesome and I regret how much time I spent not doing that particular thing. Below is a list of 10 such occasions.

1. Applying to graduate school. For some reason I thought that I wasn’t smart enough and/or couldn’t handle balancing academics and single motherhood in a different state. However, once I actually applied, I got into every school I applied to and finished with a 3.8 GPA. Moral: Grad school is awesome. I am smarter than I think I am.

2. Changing my hair (box braids, wigs, etc.). I thought about it way too hard and for way too long. I was way too worried about what other people would think. But hello!! Fabulous. Moral: It’s hair. Extensions and change aren’t the enemy.


3. Letting my guard down and falling deeply in love with another person. After having your heart broken, it can be tough to get back out there. Moral: Love is grand.


4. Starting a blog. I actually wasn’t sure that I had anything original to contribute. How many lifestyle bloggers does the world actually need? Moral: The internet is infinite. My voice matters.

5. Posing nude for art classes. I didn’t think I was interesting enough for people to draw. The naked part seemed easy, but being still for so long seemed scary. But after watching a few models in classes, I signed  up and posed for classes and two different schools as a (well paid) model. Moral: My body is art.

6. Karaoke. It’s funny that I was afraid to do karaoke after I had already posed nude, but I am weird like that I guess. But everyone clapped and I had a great time. Moral: Singing on a stage is really liberating. I see why Beyonce’ likes it so much.

7. Roasting a turkey. So much meat. So much stress. And so many funky things inside of it that you have to pull out first. Gross… but also delicious. Moral: Butter, sage, salt and lemon are the key to a moist and juicy turkey.

8. Asking a guy out. I have actually asked a ton of guys out and haven’t been scared to do this since I was maybe 15 years old. I think I read in Cosmo that guys like that and find it refreshing. Moral: Some guys will say no, but many will say yes.

9. Ending friendships. It’ll hurt if you end it, but it’ll hurt if you don’t. Moral: You will make other friends.

10. Getting a smart phone. I just wanted a phone/phone; call people, hang up, that’s it. But eventually my phone broke and I upgraded. This was in 2012!!! I had no idea how to work a smart phone and could barely make it work for the first week or so, but then my goodness, my life got so much easier. Moral: Technology doesn’t have to be scary. (source)

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So that’s my list. Were you ever afraid to try something? Did you try it anyway? Did you like it? I’d love to hear all about it.

A Cornish Mum


  1. Thanks for linking up to #TenThings again 🙂 I so know what you mean, I do stuff in my life now that I never would have been brave enough to do when I was younger and worried about what people thought, I try not to regret the past as it may have made my future different and I LOVE my little family, but boy do I wish I was braver back then!
    Stevie x

    • Thanks for commenting. It’s crazy how much more we care about what people think when we’re younger.

  2. Love your list and positive outlook! 🙂 Sounds trite, but with age comes wisdom, sometimes it’s funny looking back and thinking ‘did I really worry about *that*??’.

    Life is undoubtably better when you are able to do things that make *you* happy without worrying what other people think 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Wow, being a life model, you are brave. Love how it was the sitting still that worried you. I love singing but wont do karaoke, maybe I should try it one day x #10things

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