monday musique: tamar-kali

Bonjour! How are you? I’ve been drinking a lot of moscato and thinking about writing, blogging and making zines. Do you know what a zine is? I would try to explain it to you, but I’m not very good at explaining things sometimes. So here you go. Anyway, I used to make zines and I have been thinking about doing that again. My zine was called “cocoa/puss zine” and was all about black women and sexuality and was jam packed full of my very sexy slutty stories before I got married. I started making zines back in 2008 and I stopped about 2011/12 or so, for a whole lot of stupid reasons. Anyway, a few people have asked me about making them again and/or re-releasing old issues and I’m not sure yet. Part of me is really proud of how carefree and honest I was about my sexuality back then and part of me is like “no I’m married, I don’t want to think about that anymore, ever”. Of course I could write about new things and new experiences, but I’m older now and while I do think the personal is still political and vice versa, I value privacy in my marriage. So yeah that’s where I’m at this week. But whatever I decide, please believe this blog will still keep growing and getting better and remain a lifestyle blog. If I do put my zines back out, I’ll be sure to let you know so you can read them.


Anyway, today’s monday musique artist is the very punk rock Tamar-Kali. Here’s a little background on Tamar-Kali, directly from her website: “Tamar-kali crafts aggressive melodic rock spun around a voice that will shake your foundation and shatter your expectations with its soulful intensity. The uninitiated may have initially discovered Tamar-kali through her appearances in the award winning documentary Afropunk and the Focus Features’ award winning film Pariah, with clips of incendiary performances and soundtrack contributions providing a glimpse of her unsung talent”.


Her newest video:

I hope you have a badass kickass punk rock week. Write what you want. Don’t censor yourself.
Au Revoir

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