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Bonjour! Here’s a bunch of things I’ve enjoyed reading or been meaning to read over the past month. There’s articles on French culture, motherhood, booty workouts, Afropunk, language, food, and Toni Morrison. Enjoy!!

Why French Women Don’t Contour I also have no interest in contouring. Love my round face.

Cooking for #bae? 15 Black Soul Food Bloggers You Should Follow Yum and more yum.

Meet chic Parisian Mom whose kid-friendly home looks beautiful even with toys

The multiple personalities of multilinguals Very interested. I wonder if I’d be nicer or meaner in French?

The brain mechanics of learning French This is your brain on French.


Youtube Workout Series: Booty Workouts Am I one of those girls who is obsessed with toning their booty? Yes, yes I am.

Why is America so Fixated on French Malaise? Didn’t know this was a thing.

6 Reasons Why American Women Should Stop Trying to be Parisian No. Not happening.

The Afropunk Paris Playlist 2015 Music I haven’t heard before.

The Radical Vision of Toni Morrison I really want to read more of her books, but I always feel overwhelmed and think they’re too “deep” for me.

Russell Brand discusses Iggy Azalea and the Appropriation of Black Culture Curious to see what he says.

This Video (can we be friends in real life? secretly following them on instagram now)

If you decide to read along with me, feel free to comment with your thoughts. Would love to hear them.
Au Revoir!


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