10 things making me happy: spring

Bonjour! I wanted to switch things up a bit and make a list of 10 things making me happy right now. It’s been a tough month for so many people (including myself) and I just felt like sharing a bit of sunshine with all of you. Hopefully this helps you too.

1. Nicki Minaj’s Instagram account: She’s on tour and posts the sweetest pictures and videos of her fans. This one’s on her instagram right now. Watch that little guy’s eyes light up when she hugs him.

2. Taco Tuesday. My friend Simone has tacos at her house every week and it’s definitely something our family looks forward to. It’s totally about the tacos, but it’s also about two families sharing a meal together.

3. Alexis Jayda on youtube. She’s a young mom with four kids and somehow manages to get beautiful makeup tutorials up several times a week. If you listen carefully, you can sometimes hear her kids and her husband playing in the other room. I love her.

4.My babies. My body totally created tiny little people.


5. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend together. Best couple ever. And she is hilarious.



6. Phone calls with my mom everyday. Sometimes twice a day.

7. My makeup collection. I just really like makeup. I even watch other people’s makeup collection videos on youtube. Is that weird? Don’t care. Still watch them all the time.

8. My blog. I spend a good majority of my day thinking up ideas for how I want to make my blog better. Some I’ve implemented, some I haven’t yet, but this blog is the only thing I have right now that is just mine. I don’t get to go to dance class or even pee alone most days, but I have this blog. You are reading it right now and I’m happy about that.

9. Reading books and magazines in the bathtub.



10. Late night dance parties by myself. Great cardio workout, stress reliever and overall confidence booster. I highly recommend it.

What has you excited this month?

A Cornish Mum


  1. Thanks for linking up! Love this list! I also love having my own private dance party, amazing how much dancing and music lift your mood and it’s one of the most fun workouts 🙂

    Stevie x

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