Spring window shopping


Today I went to Target with my friend Simone and didn’t buy anything (except snacks because I am always hungry). I have super human willpower guys. Did you know that? Anyway, while browsing the aisles I just sensed this overwhelming sense of SPRING and it made me so happy. So I thought I’d share all the things that caught my eye with all of you.

essienail polish

Pretty pastel nail polishes from Essie

la colorseye shadow

New L.A. Colors display (very exciting because this brand is new to Target


Bright orange luggage and a very chic black and white handbag


Floral canvas shoes, rows and rows of scarves


Flower seeds and peach prosecco candles


Tiny shopping companion (my daughter, eater of all snacks)

Does it feel like Spring where you are? Do you have friends in Minnesota that were affected by the huge Target layoffs too? Are you a fan of window shopping?


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