natural hair tutorials by Afro-French women

Bonjour! Everyone has something to say about their hair, whether they love it, hate it, wish it were curly, straight, nappy, red, brown, or less damaged. I have very thick natural hair. I wear wigs, braid it, twist it, put it up and occasionally I’ll have it flat ironed.  I love that I can change my hair dramatically in a matter of minutes without damaging its actual texture. Sometimes I don’t know how to get the look I want. So I watch hair styling videos on youtube. Do you love youtube as much as I do? I watch it more than I watch my television. My new thing is watching natural hair tutorials in French for not only a new take on hair, but to challenge my brain and language skills as well. Below are a few of my favorite videos:

So what’d you think? Love the hair right?


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