monday musique: beyonce

Bonjour! How was your weekend? Mine was quite interesting. I went clubbing. I’m way too old to be clubbing but yes, two weekends in a row I was there with my BFF looking cute and watching everyone dance. Today’s Monday Musique is obviously gonna be Beyonce now because when this song came on, the girls went crazy both weekends (and yes we went to different places each weekend so I’m guessing it’s a pretty universal club girl anthem). It was really fun watching all the ladies dance together and flip their hair around and give zero fucks about the guys standing around watching them. Needless to say this song now has permanent place in my head next to all my other jams. Even if you aren’t the clubbing type (who really is?) this song would be perfect for working out, dancing by yourself in front of your mirror, dancing in your car, or whatever other cardio activity floats your boat. Have a great week.


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