building a strong blogger community of women

Bonjour! It is 1:25am here in San Diego and I am up tweeting and commenting on all my lady blogger friends’ blogs. I do this pretty much everyday when my kids are sleeping or I have a little downtime. I have the bloglovin app which makes it really easy when I’m out and about too. I’ve just been thinking about blogging 24/7 and how much I love this community, the stories I have heard and the friendships I have formed.

14131196681_e9197b6f01_b(my first brunch with the SoCal Blogger Society)

I never in a million years thought I’d be brunching in LA or hearing my name on podcasts or winning giveaways. But here I am. Blogging and being friends and having a great time.

IMG_5338(one of my first blog friends who writes Hello Handbag)

I think a huge part of building and maintaining a good group of blogging friends is simply supporting each other and being kind. The easiest way to do this is by just commenting on blogposts that inspire you and then hopefully the blogger responds and a dialogue happens. It’s that easy. If you want to get more advanced, you could tweet or join a blogging community that has regular meetups.


Here’s a few more reasons why I love commenting on your blog posts and building community:

1. I’m a feminist and I genuinely love supporting other women.

2. You are constantly teaching me things and I love learning.

3. I have a question or I have an answer for your question.

4. You look pretty and I want to tell you that.

5. I want to eat the food that you took a picture of.

6. Sometimes it feels like I’m just blogging to be blogging but then I get a comment and I’m like “wow someone actually read what I wrote and took the time to respond, that’s awesome” and I want you to feel like that too.

 Are you a fan of community building? Do you comment on the blog posts you love?


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