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Bonjour! How are you? I’m actually a whole lot better than I was last week. I just feel like I’m growing and becoming more comfortable being myself everyday. I’ve reached out to my best homegirls for phone conversations, I’ve had a few drinks, I’ve danced to Beyonce and I’ve been working hard on the design of this blog. Maybe you can tell that I’ve tweaked a few things. The changes are small and there are now two small ads on the right that I’ve tried to tailor to what Fakefrenchgirl is actually about. Let me know what you think about ads on blogs. My next goal is to start doing a few makeup related posts with swatches and have some sort of giveaway. If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to contact me. I’m all about supporting and empowering each other. Now on to all the links and things I’ve been meaning to read.

If you are looking for hair style inspiration, check out The Amazing, Creative Braids of Johannesburg. I got my hair braided yesterday and it completely changed my whole mood. If you are in San Diego definitely check out the lovely ladies at Sandy Hair Braiding.

Weighting to be Seen: Being Fat, Black and Invisible in Body Positivity.

This youtube channel interviews African women living in Europe and asks them about what’s beautiful, beauty standards and how they are perceived. It’s run by black women and the videos are beautifully put together. Highly recommend it.

We went to Starbucks to talk to Baristas about Race.
What could possibly happen?

A compelling argument about why women need friendships

I’m applying to this and also this.

How having my daughter saved my life.

The links this time are so awesome. Hope you enjoy them.

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