a quick bonjour

Bonjour! Just wanted to give you guys a quick update on everything happening in my fake French world.

1. Blog revamp– I’ve found the graphic design people I want to switch me over from wordpress.com to wordpress.org and install a very chic blog template. That should be up by the end of the month or early March.

2. Work– Friday is my last day working in social services and working full time.

3. Life– Yes we’re still moving to Italy. My husband is leaving this month and me and the kids are leaving a little after that, like late March. So yeah, flying across the world with two small children, that’s all me.

4. Weekend– This weekend I’ll be at the San Diego Travel and Adventure Show. If you see me, come say Bonjour. I’ll be there on Saturday. I’ll probably be wearing a summery dress because I’m gonna try to take a selfie with Rick Steves (my secret bae).

5. Etc.– New blog posts coming up on being a military spouse, being a black woman and loving French culture, two French book reviews, more Monday musique, red lipstick, Afro-French youtubers, why I hate celebrity culture. All this month. Oh yes.

Looking forward to finally having more time to devote to this blog and to you.

Au Revoir




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