jolie laide: bjork

Bonjour again. Haven’t written a jolie laide blog post in quite a little while, not because they are particularly difficult to do, but because I think every woman is so fucking beautiful. You know what I mean? But my jolie laide post on Lou Doillon was one of your favorites according to my stats, so I’ve decided to get back into writing them. And I’m starting out with a total badass: BJORK.



Bjork is an Icelandic singer-songwriter, producer, actress, and musician. She wore a swan dress to the Oscars. She beat up a paparazzi who was in her and her kid’s face and they were getting off an airplane and she has the voice of an angel. Most recently, she’s been in the news for her new album (her best in years according to music critics) and her Pitchfork interview where she goes into not getting the credit she deserves as a musician/beatmaker/creator.

When people don’t credit me for the stuff I’ve done, it’s for several reasons. I’m going to get very methodical now! [laughs] One! I learned what a lot of women have to do is make the guys in the room think it was their idea, and then you back them up. Two! I spend 80% of the writing process of my albums on my own. I write the melodies. I’m by the computer. I edit a lot. That for me is very solitary. I don’t want to be photographed when I’m doing that.

Do you have a favorite Bjork song? Have you heard the new album yet?


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