monday musique: fka twigs

Bonjour! This week’s Musique Monday artist is FKA twigs. She’s been getting a lot of buzz lately, mostly because of her music and her very artsy/crazy/trippy music videos and style and partly because of her very famous boyfriend who I refuse to talk about on here. People tend to criticize artists and musicians and women that don’t fit into the mainstream box and/or who don’t sound like the pop garbage on the radio. I’ve actually been trying to get into FKA Twigs for a few weeks now but have been so distracted by her music videos and trying to figure out what’s going on and what she’s trying to tell me that I can’t focus on just vibin’ to her sound. So this Musique Monday, I’ll post both a live video of her so you can vibe with me and a music video so you have something to write in your journal about tonight. I love you.

Note: The video might fuck you up. If you are someone who gets fucked up easily by movies (like me) then you might want to not watch or watch with caution.

I’m on a roll. More awesome blog posts coming.


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