eating your feelings, canoes, and highlights of 2014

Bonour! How are you? Are you tired and broke like me from the holidays? Is it bugging you that everything you want to buy is on sale and you can’t afford it? Join the club, all you have to do is drink $5 wine from Target, sing old Toni Braxton songs and eat your feelings. Easy enough right?

57729449b127a4c8afaf65f5e69641a1As 2014 winds down, I’m seeing lots of people write “new year new me” posts and make a bunch of resolutions for how they’d like to be different in 2015. And me, because I am naturally a sad sad emo Seattle grrl am here thinking about all the stuff I wanted to do in 2014 and haven’t done. Do you get like that? Do you feel like you’re just floating down a river in a canoe with no paddles, barely getting by? Maybe your canoe has a hole in it. That’s how I feel a good majority of the time. Total uncertainty and lack of control. I guess my goal for 2015 is to feel like that less. And my other goal is to be skinny, for people to say “Oh my gawd, have you seen LaMesha recently? She is so fucking skinny now!”. That’s it.

imageHere are the highlights of my 2014
1. Paid off a ton of my bills. Still have shitty credit, but also have no credit cards now. So in my head I’m winning. Tip toeing my way toward a debt free life.IMG_5260

2. Interviewed at a ton of jobs, got turned down for all of them but one.
3. Paid for a blog domain. Figured out blogging. Didn’t ask my husband for help, even though he has a degree in graphic design from an art school.
4. Met blog friends on twitter, instagram and facebook. Brunched with them in LA. Took pictures. Looked cute.

5. Husband got orders to ITALY. Was told our family was moving soon.
Italy_colorAnd that’s where we are right now– preparing to move.

2015 is probably going to suck slightly less than 2014 because I’ll be in a new country, doing new shit and hopefully taking hella pictures in PARIS and at our new place in SICILY.

How was your 2014? Was it fucking awful or was it kinda chill? Any plans for 2015 yet?



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