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Bonjour! Before I get in to my links, I’ve been thinking about this blog and realized that I haven’t been posting that much about “travel” so hopefully more of those posts are coming soon. I’d like that. I love going places. In about 100 or so days I’ll be in Sicily. That seems so incredibly soon. But anyway…

If you are like me and interested in the African American experience in France, this would be a good place for you to start.

Maison de la Culture Noire Americaine
and Afro-Italian Nappy Girls have the best facebook pages. But I still really dislike facebook.

The Ultimate Parisian Guide to Paris

25 Credit Cards with Low Minimum Spending Requirements
. If you are interested in travel hacking with credit cards and miles, this article will probably be for you.

My friend Simone and I went to a San Diego Mom’s Night Out Event last week and had such a good time.

FakeFrenchGirl on Instagram. Come say Bonjour!

How to React Like a Frenchie

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