all the hair colors


I’m not mistaken, the last time I wrote in this blog I still had my box braids. And looked like this…

-1But then I took those braids (fake hair) out and wore a curly afro (my real hair type), did some deep conditioning treatments and rocked my curly afro, twists and twist-outs for about two weeks. Kinda like this…

-4Then I got bored again and wanted to give my real hair a break and not manipulate it all the time. I put it in a few cornrows going back and decided to start wearing wigs again and play with color…

-3BLONDE!!! I seriously love this hair and this color. I bought it here.

And I also bout this one in RED, which is what I currently look like.

-2Not my favorite color on me (all the more reason to wear a wig and not just dye my real hair), but I like the short flippy length and cut. So I’m counting it as a win for perfect french girl messy hair.

Do you ever change your hair drastically? Have you ever worn a wig? Which color do you think I should try out next?





  1. I have not changed my hairdo since high school! I have tried to change my color, but it always washes out and I get annoyed having spent $200 that literally goes down the drain.
    I love your different looks! The twists though…those are really my favorites (not that you asked 😉 )

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