plotting my next move

Bonjour! So… if you are friends with me in real life or follow me on twitter or instagram you may already know this, but for those of you who don’t… OUR FAMILY IS MOVING TO SICILY. I’m not going to get into all of the details, but we’re a military family, so we’re moving for my husband’s job. (If you have any advice on moving, the military or things to do in Europe with a family, get in touch!) In the very near future (spring time) the fakefrenchgirl will be posting from PARIS because obviously you don’t move to Italy and not travel all over Europe. We’re planning on going to France, England, Malta, Holland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, Switzerland and probably a few other places. We’ll be there for four years, so we have plenty of time.

255107_10150267833493156_3660179_nRight now it all just feels so overwhelming. Yes, moving to Italy is a dream and something I never thought would ever in a million years happen to me, and I am thankful. At the same time though, there are many things I want to accomplish academically and in my career that don’t seem feasible in Italy (like nursing school, or becoming an esthestician). Of course those things can wait, but we’ll just keep moving and moving until we’re done being a military family. As a feminist, I get a lot of my identity from working, providing for my family, helping to make the world a better place and working for women’s rights everywhere. I don’t do well or find empowerment with being a stay-at-home mama, which is what I’ll be, at least at first, in Sicily.


As it gets closer to our move date, and as our plans slowly solidify, I’ll keep you all updated. I have a “moving overseas” class on base this month and everyone has to have doctor’s appointments and pass a medical screening to be “cleared”. Then I have no idea what happens next but I’m guessing it involves scheduling movers, the holidays, my baby turns 2 on NYE, hanging out with a ton of friends and family, and tying up a bunch of loose ends (completing my master’s thesis, etc). The next few months are going to be so busy and fun for the fakefrenchgirl. I’m excited and scared and happy and sad and so many other things.

Here’s a short video of the nearest big town to where we’ll be living. And the airport is here. So I think we’ll be seeing a lot of it. Seeing it makes it slightly more real for me.

Au Revoir! and Ciao!



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