blogging in times of sorrow and being materialistic


I could go on and on about what I’ve been doing since my last post, but I’ll spare you all of that and try to keep my intro brief. I’m one of those people with a short attention span that likes something instantly and goes real hard with it for a few weeks or months and then burns herself out and is “over it”. I do not want this blog to be like that, but blogging is way harder than I thought.

My Main Issues

1. Comparing myself to other bloggers. They have better layouts or better pictures or whatever. I’ve been blogging since January, but I’m incredibly hard on myself. I’m even married to a graphic designer but refuse his help all the time because this blog is “mine”.

2. Switching from to I need to do this, but I’m not sure how or if I should pay someone to do it, or do it myself. But I realized this was so important because I won a free layout and couldn’t install it and then was struggling with affiliate links.

3. Do I even need affiliate links? What is SEO? Why do people keep talking about it?

4. And then all of the world’s events, terror, war, beheadings, saving our girls, living in a police state… it just made me think about my purpose with this blog and why I wanted to write in the first place. I just feel really superficial writing about French girl things (when I’m not even French) and makeup when a good majority of the world is trying not to die, or struggling to eat. Is it ok to still talk about crepes when people are dying of Ebola? Be honest.

So by that time, I was just completely overwhelmed and decided I needed a therapist and to sleep more and buy more makeup and do yoga and make a hair appointment. Because self care. Because I need to get through the day and be a good enough happy enough mother to my kids. So blogging had to wait for a little bit.

And that leads us up to today. Bonjour again. Thank you for reading my blog and talking with me on twitter and being so kind to me. I appreciate you. More blog posts are coming as I find my way, figure out blog terms and layout and actually take pictures of myself and other things.





  1. LaMesha,
    I truly do love your blog! I think you will burn yourself out before you begin if you allow all of these thoughts to dominate your views on blogging. Enjoy the ride as you navigate through this blogging world. I am new at it as well, and I just take it one day, or week at a time.

    On a happy note. I really enjoyed meeting you in person at the Swap Party! You are even more cuter in person and very down to earth. Hope we can meet up some more even if it’s just to grab drinks.

    Thrifting Diva

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