on leaving facebook

I used to be one of those people who would spend hours on Facebook each day. I had the app on my iphone and would constantly be checking to see what my friends were doing, doing “which 90s cartoon character are you” quizzes and seeing if anyone “liked” my newest picture. My timeline was full of links to stories to read, pics of new babies, navy wife drama and feminism. And to be perfectly honest, I love all of that. My friends are amazing and their babies are cute and their opinions are very valid and well thought out. But Facebook just overtook my life and I wasn’t getting my own shit done. I was an addict.



And so I decided to take a step back and actually live my life. When I think of the type of woman I’d like to be (sophisticated, elegant, well traveled and chic) and the things I’d like to accomplish, there is just no room for 10 status updates every single day. I have a life to live, books to read, dances to dance, dinner parties to host, a husband to snuggle up to, children to raise and things to write. When I’m on Facebook all damn day, those things don’t get done. My time is valuable. My life is valuable.

Now that I am only on Facebook a few minutes (if that) a day, I’m writing more emails and more real letters. I’m calling people on the phone. I’m seeking out real human contact. I’m not upset by nasty comments. I don’t have to hear the pros and cons of vaccinating my child. My life and what I’m doing is slightly more mysterious. I am already more peaceful.

I challenge you all to take a break (for a few days, a week, or even several weeks) from any of your social media accounts that are a time waster or an anxiety inducer. Remind yourself that life is more than a status update. Please let me know how it goes.


Au Revoir








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