It’s only sexy when it’s a choice.


My new friend from twitter is doing this challenge called Operation 1950s Hot Housewife (with a modern twist) and I decided to join her because I’m all about that life.  Is Candace Cameron Bure my new BFF? No, but I’d invite her to a lovely home cooked dinner at my house (but only if my husband and her husband said it was ok first). Because feminism guys. FEMINISM.

I’m deeply fascinated by American Apparel right now. A lot of very smart people write extremely long blog posts about why they are evil and this and that, but I just want some easy jeans and riding pants. Because fashion guys. FASHION.

My new fave fashion blog. She actually writes words to go along with her pictures. Can you imagine? I can’t even.

I got a job, which means it’s time for a singalong.

Also, I’m reading this book. As soon as I’m done, I’m going to do a review on it, to let you know what I think of it. I struggle with business casual and how exactly to refine my style and Ines is the queen of chic. But I don’t know if I’d actually buy anything from her new Uniqlo line. It’s kind of a snooze-fest.

Je t’aime. Stay chic.




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