“you’re no rock n roll fun, like a party that’s over before it’s begun”

I do this thing where I look at all the festival lineups to find out new bands to listen to. The music on the radio bores me, half of it isn’t even in a language I understand (remember I live less than 10 miles from Mexico), and I’m trying to broaden my musical horizons and be more “indie”. Anyway, today I noticed that if you look at the coachella 2014 lineup, you’ll notice the majority of the artists are white. If you look at the afropunk 2013 lineup you’ll notice the majority of the artists are men. I didn’t personally count to get percentages but it is worth noting. If you are at music festivals this summer, pay attention to the demographics of the artists, bands, musicians. Who is there? Who is missing?


Photo from http://canadianmusichalloffame.ca/the-real-school-of-rock/

If you have a daughter and she likes music and wants to be in a band, encourage her, pay for her drum lessons and tell her that her voice is important and what she has to say matters. Or if you want to be in a band, then go for it. PLEASE. Play the guitar. Write lyrics. Make music videos. You don’t always have to be the girl twerkin in the background without a speaking role. If you like that kind of thing, it’s cool, sometimes I like that kind of thing too. But still, support women in music. Are your playlists and the music you listen to predominantly male? Do men listen to female musicians? Why do you think it matters?


Photo from http://www.styleblueprint.com/city-happenings/rock-n-roll-camp-find-zepplin/

Feminist and chic.

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