spring inspiration

Bonjour! A few lovely things that have me excited about spring.

If you ever meet me in real like, this is pretty much how I always am. Carefree black girl. Someone wrote an essay about it. It’s quite good, but people write essays about everything.

Santigold (my favorite musician) is coming out with a makeup line for Smashbox.

Now I’m thinking about Santigold, so here you go…

Black + Hipster=  Blipster. The blipster facebook page is my LIFE.  And so is my Tumblr.

I’m gonna need you to make these pictures in wallet size… for a friend, not for me.

This is both feeding and satisfying my wanderlust.

How to Look French Chic. “You must suffer to be pretty”. Or you can just dress like yourself, and I’ll suffer alone.

Have a great weekend. Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead.

Au Revoir


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