on “hauls” and being chic


As an avid youtube watcher and blog reader, I feel conflicted watching and reading about  “hauls’. It’s fun to see all of the nice things people have bought for themselves, but after awhile of “hey look at all this stuff I buy every week,” it starts to get old. Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping and live in one of the best places for shopping in the United States, but sometimes it feels a bit excessive. How many pairs of flip flops or Jeffrey Campbell shoes does one person need? Where do you keep all of those necklaces? When do you think you’ll have enough? How can you afford all of those things? And yes they are sparkly and stretchy and comfortable and beautiful and I find myself wanting everything. Since moving here to southern California, my wardrobe has expanded exponentially.

It’s time to stop myself. I have plenty of clothes, makeup, lotions, etc to look chic and beautiful for nearly every occasion I could possibly find myself in. There is no reason for me to have clothes hanging in my closet from three months ago with the tags still on them (even if they are from Zara). I have over 25 dresses. I have over 200 tiny little things of eye shadow in various palettes and quads. I have formal dresses and high heels and four different types of brown sandals. It’s too much. And I consider myself to be “average” compared to other women who love fashion and makeup.


I’m challenging myself to stop feeding into the consumerist “omg want” culture that is everywhere at the moment. It isn’t chic. From what I have read about French women they are more minimalist with their closet and just have a few key pieces that can be worn many different ways. Slightly messy hair. Less makeup. A scarf. Done.

Links I’ve read on French Chic:

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How often do you go shopping? Do you watch “haul” videos? What do you think of them?

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