cupcakes from t.v.


I usually don’t watch Cupcake Wars on the Food Network because it makes me way too hungry, but last week I caught an episode. One of the women competing looked so familiar. Do you ever get like that, where you can’t stop thinking about someone until you figure out where you know them from? She kept making it through to the next round and eventually won the grand prize. When the host said her name I realized we went to the same school for undergrad and her daughter used to go to the daycare I worked at. Anyway, her cupcakes looked delicious, she has her own shop and is an extremely successful businesswoman now. Her shop is in Bellingham, WA and the website is here. (When I knew her she was about twenty with a two year old daughter). But I still wanted cupcakes, and not just the Funfetti cupcakes I make with my kids, REAL FOOD NETWORK CUPCAKES that had won some sort of award. Sadly, my old friend’s shop is over 1000 miles away so we couldn’t go to it.

My husband I love to track down all the yummy places we’ve seen on t.v. and try out their food or try to recreate it at home. One of our favorite places is Voodoo Donuts in Portland, Oregon.


I had no idea if there was a “Cupcake Wars Award Winning Shop” in San Diego, where we live now, so I did a simple google search and found THREE. After browsing all three sites, I decided to go to Pure Cupcakes the very next day.


On the right is the standard Red Velvet cupcake with (very rich) cream cheese frosting. One the left is the Rol-E-OL-EE-O (rich dark chocolate cake with caramel buttercream, caramel center and hand dipped in dark chocolate) which was the best cupcake I’ve ever eaten in my entire life. The caramel! The chocolate! OMG. I can definitely see why they won Cupcake Wars. I decided to get one more to go and settled on the Pure’ly Toasted (toasted coconut cake topped with vanilla bean buttercream crowned with fresh toasted coconut). However, I devoured it before we made it back to the car.


If you love cupcakes, or the food network, or cooking shows, or even if you just love eating new things, I highly recommend a simple google search to see if there are any fun restaurants in your town that you may have missed that have also been featured on the Food Network. There are usually a few in each city/state. You’d be surprised. Have you been to any? What’s your favorite?

Au Revoir!


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