a time to save


I’ve never been a saver. The second I get any money, I want to spend it on candy, or clothes or makeup. As I write this blog post today though, my head is busy planning my family’s first vacation of the year to Los Angeles. We love going places and between the four of us we’ve been Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Canada, Thailand, China, Uganda, Kenya, Holland, Japan, Guam, UAE, South Korea and Belgium and over 20 states. But we can’t sit still. There’s still so much of the world to see and so many new experiences to have.

Here’s a few of the places I’m hoping to get to this year:

1. Afro Punk Festival in Brookyln, New York City, August 23/24

2. Disneyland in Anaheim, CA

3. Boston and Seattle to see family

4. Minneapolis to see friends

5. Blogging Conferences in San Francisco and San Jose

My little money jar, similar to the one in the picture above I found on pinterest, sits on my kitchen counter. Here’s hoping to filling it several times over this year.

Do you have any fun trips planned? What types of things are you saving up for in 2014?




  1. I loved Disneyland in Anaheim and the mall of America in Minneapolis so much 🙂 best Summer ever traveling aroung America 🙂
    Currently I am spending my year traveling around Italy which is just amazing!!!
    I hope you can do all of your trips – have fun and enjoy! 🙂

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