Saying “non” to sweatpants

“Yes to pants, however, does not mean yes to sweatpants. “I can’t do that to my husband, not after just three years of marriage. At home, I put on a low-cut caftan, and he’s like, ‘Babe, you look great.’ Caftans are just the perfect solution to what to wear at home…” Christina Hendricks in Lucky Magazine

When I read this quote a few months back in my Lucky magazine, part of me thought “yes!! a thousand times this!!!” while my feminist brain was thinking, “wait what?!”. I was conflicted. Are sweatpants really all that bad?  Here in the states, people wear them all the time, even when they are not working out, which is odd. Our sweatpants have words on the butt, they tear away, they have zippers and snaps, match little pink hoodies and are sometimes made out of velour and/or fleece. It’d be easy to wear them everyday because they are so cozy. But they are not chic. Christina Hendricks is right.


Now that I’m in my 30s I can definitely see my style changing. I want to look like a grown woman because I feel like a grown woman. And so I gave away all the cutesy, pink with hearts, glittery pajama bottoms. There are so many interesting things to wear in place of pajama bottoms and sweat pants that require minimal effort. Maxi dresses. Black leggings. Body con/tube skirts. Boyfriend jeans. T-shirt dresses. Look through your closet or browse the shops in your area. Leggings are literally everywhere. I guarantee you’ll find something you like.

Stay chic.


(me in leggings, a black tank and a denim button down around my waist ready to explore Lego Land)


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