makeup as self care



I am a lover of makeup but struggle with the idea of wearing it sometimes because I’m a stay at home mom. Where am I going that requires a smoky eye and a nude lip? What am I teaching my daughter? Isn’t my regular face good enough for everyday? People will think I am one of “those women”. But I am one of “those women”. And I don’t care.

I’m one of those women/mothers who thinks how I look is just as important as how my kids look. That in and of itself is pretty damn revolutionary.

I see a lot of beautiful children and frazzled looking mommies everyday. I like to take time to make sure my lashes are perfectly curled and separated and my concealer doesn’t look cakey. I need my lipstick. My kids can wait 10 minutes and in that time, they can think about how they aren’t the center of the universe and that my needs matter just as much as their own. I don’t consider this selfish, I consider it self care, even if we are just going to the grocery store.


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  1. I think that’s so brilliant. I’m one of the frazzled mom with the impeccable child. I’ve never been a womon that spends a lot of time on appearance. To say I’m a jeans and tshirt is putting it lightly, but as the mother of a daughter who’s very into dressing nice and coordinating her look, I’ve realized it’s important to show your children that you care about yourself by taking the time for yourself.
    These days I have to keep telling her my job is not to serve her every need, but where did she get that idea in the first place? That’s who I used to flex when she was a baby so that’s what she thinks now. So I think you’re doing a great thing.

    • My mom is the exact same way. I think it’s great that you’re telling your daughter that now, I learned that way too late in life. It’s interesting that your daughter is so in to dressing nice and being so coordinated already. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I LOVE IT! I’m definitely one of “those” moms and sees absolutely nothing wrong with that. If I’m not happy and taken care of how am I expected to truly do so for my children. It’s like mopping a floor with dirty water…..

    • Exactly. It took me a long time to get to this point. I used to feel so guilty about buying myself nice clothes or not going directly to the children’s section at the store when we’d go shopping.

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