building a strong blogger community of women

Bonjour! It is 1:25am here in San Diego and I am up tweeting and commenting on all my lady blogger friends’ blogs. I do this pretty much everyday when my kids are sleeping or I have a little downtime. I have the bloglovin app which makes it really easy when I’m out and about too. I’ve just been thinking about blogging 24/7 and how much I love this community, the stories I have heard and the friendships I have formed.

14131196681_e9197b6f01_b(my first brunch with the SoCal Blogger Society)

I never in a million years thought I’d be brunching in LA or hearing my name on podcasts or winning giveaways. But here I am. Blogging and being friends and having a great time.

IMG_5338(one of my first blog friends who writes Hello Handbag)

I think a huge part of building and maintaining a good group of blogging friends is simply supporting each other and being kind. The easiest way to do this is by just commenting on blogposts that inspire you and then hopefully the blogger responds and a dialogue happens. It’s that easy. If you want to get more advanced, you could tweet or join a blogging community that has regular meetups.


Here’s a few more reasons why I love commenting on your blog posts and building community:

1. I’m a feminist and I genuinely love supporting other women.

2. You are constantly teaching me things and I love learning.

3. I have a question or I have an answer for your question.

4. You look pretty and I want to tell you that.

5. I want to eat the food that you took a picture of.

6. Sometimes it feels like I’m just blogging to be blogging but then I get a comment and I’m like “wow someone actually read what I wrote and took the time to respond, that’s awesome” and I want you to feel like that too.

 Are you a fan of community building? Do you comment on the blog posts you love?


monday musique: jhene’ aiko

Bonjour! Hope you had a good weekend. Today is a kind of a big deal for our family in terms of paperwork to get us moved to Sicily. I’m going to need a serious chill pill to get through our appointment on base today. I decided to go with Jhene’ Aiko for today’s Monday Musique artist because she is exactly what my ears and my brain need to help me relax. Also listening to her reminds me of an upcoming date night my husband and I are trying to plan in Europe (not sure which country yet) to see her opening for J. Cole on his Forest Hills Drive tour. So excited!!

Hope Jhene’s sweet voice and beautiful spirit helps you chill out and relax on this Monday too.





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Jhene’s Website

all the links you can link: march 2015

Bonjour! How are you? I’m actually a whole lot better than I was last week. I just feel like I’m growing and becoming more comfortable being myself everyday. I’ve reached out to my best homegirls for phone conversations, I’ve had a few drinks, I’ve danced to Beyonce and I’ve been working hard on the design of this blog. Maybe you can tell that I’ve tweaked a few things. The changes are small and there are now two small ads on the right that I’ve tried to tailor to what Fakefrenchgirl is actually about. Let me know what you think about ads on blogs. My next goal is to start doing a few makeup related posts with swatches and have some sort of giveaway. If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to contact me. I’m all about supporting and empowering each other. Now on to all the links and things I’ve been meaning to read.

If you are looking for hair style inspiration, check out The Amazing, Creative Braids of Johannesburg. I got my hair braided yesterday and it completely changed my whole mood. If you are in San Diego definitely check out the lovely ladies at Sandy Hair Braiding.

Weighting to be Seen: Being Fat, Black and Invisible in Body Positivity.

This youtube channel interviews African women living in Europe and asks them about what’s beautiful, beauty standards and how they are perceived. It’s run by black women and the videos are beautifully put together. Highly recommend it.

We went to Starbucks to talk to Baristas about Race.
What could possibly happen?

A compelling argument about why women need friendships

I’m applying to this and also this.

How having my daughter saved my life.

The links this time are so awesome. Hope you enjoy them.

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monday musique: beyonce

Bonjour! How was your weekend? Mine was quite interesting. I went clubbing. I’m way too old to be clubbing but yes, two weekends in a row I was there with my BFF looking cute and watching everyone dance. Today’s Monday Musique is obviously gonna be Beyonce now because when this song came on, the girls went crazy both weekends (and yes we went to different places each weekend so I’m guessing it’s a pretty universal club girl anthem). It was really fun watching all the ladies dance together and flip their hair around and give zero fucks about the guys standing around watching them. Needless to say this song now has permanent place in my head next to all my other jams. Even if you aren’t the clubbing type (who really is?) this song would be perfect for working out, dancing by yourself in front of your mirror, dancing in your car, or whatever other cardio activity floats your boat. Have a great week.

Spring window shopping


Today I went to Target with my friend Simone and didn’t buy anything (except snacks because I am always hungry). I have super human willpower guys. Did you know that? Anyway, while browsing the aisles I just sensed this overwhelming sense of SPRING and it made me so happy. So I thought I’d share all the things that caught my eye with all of you.

essienail polish

Pretty pastel nail polishes from Essie

la colorseye shadow

New L.A. Colors display (very exciting because this brand is new to Target


Bright orange luggage and a very chic black and white handbag


Floral canvas shoes, rows and rows of scarves


Flower seeds and peach prosecco candles


Tiny shopping companion (my daughter, eater of all snacks)

Does it feel like Spring where you are? Do you have friends in Minnesota that were affected by the huge Target layoffs too? Are you a fan of window shopping?